It's Me.png, Antonio

Hey ✨, I'm Antonio Djigo, Product Manager.

PM Skills

Leading cross-functional teams to create innovative products. Collaborate with fellow PMs to ensure project success.

Expert in product ownership and project management. Using SCRUM to turn insights and stakeholder issues into actionable strategies. Prioritizing backlogs and managing external agencies effectively.

Conducting market research, crafting strategic roadmaps, and overseeing the product lifecycle. Skilled in task prioritization, conflict resolution, and risk mitigation.

Stakeholders and teams I've worked with: Engineering, UX/UI, Content and Creation, Localization, Marketing, Front-End, MarTech, SEO/SEM, CRM, HR, PR & Comms

SQL, Jira, APIs, UX/UI, B2B/B2C/B2B2C, Analytics, Metrics and reports, SEO...

CMS owner

Managing and leading projects with multiple stakeholders (HR, Marketing, SEO, Content, UX).

Product owner for an Engineering team

Boosting SEO with Google Analytics.

Experience with headless CMS like Strapi, Ghost, and Sanity.

Expertise in using different hostings and servers.

Creating new and innovative themes and plugins from scratch.

Front-end manager

Managing and leading FE projects with multiple stakeholders (HR, Marketing, SEO, Content, UX).

Launched and maintained successful products such as the ones at "Projects and activities".

Proficient with no-code tools like Framer, Readymag, and Webflow.

Over 6 years of experience with JS and CSS, worked with JS Frameworks

Back-end specialist

Worked in an Agile team with heavily applied SCRUM

Performance profiling and WCAG accessibility.

Maintaining a 5-year-old project effectively with legacy code.

Applying design patterns for new and existing features.

Unit testing and TDD.

Experience with Jenkins, Docker, and Heroku.

Digital Product Performance

Expert in Google Core Web Vitals optimization.

Monitoring and analyzing performance metrics to drive continuous improvements.

Reducing LCP & TTFB and optimizing Critical CSS.

Improving mobile performance and responsiveness.

DevOps mastery

Scripting with Golang.

Using Terraform for infrastructure management.

CI/CD wizard with Docker and K8s on any Git platform.

Creating and maintaining CI files and templates for GitLab and GitHub Actions.

Experienced with Cloudflare, GCP, Siteground, Heroku, and Netlify.

Currently learning

Product design and enhancing product management skills.

Natural language processing, deep learning, LLMs, and chatbots.


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