I'm Antonio Djigo,

🌴 Web Developer from the Canary Islands 🌴

I know Rails

Mantained a 4 years old project πŸ—

Applied design patterns for both new and old functionaliies ♻️

Unit testing and TDD βœ…

Agile and SCRUM methodologies πŸ“

Jenkins and Docker manipulation 🐳

Performance profiling ⚑️

I know CSS/JS

More than 3 years of experience doing JS and CSS πŸ‘Œ

CSS Grid and Flex layout are in my toolset πŸ”§

jQuery, I also know the basics of Vue JS and React βž•

I can create animations! 🀑

Been years using SCSS, can't wait to start using PostCSS πŸ€–

I really enjoy it! Can't wait to get more into it πŸ‘½

I know WordPress

Developed new and innovative themes from scratch βš—

Smoke tests and landing pages 🌐

Big WordPress projects with more than 6 months of development πŸŽ‰

Trained a lot of CSS and JavaScript skills with jQuery and SCSS πŸ’„

Managed SEO with Google Analytics and similiar πŸ“ˆ

Server manteinance and deployment with Siteground πŸš€

I know WebPerf

Will know how to reduce your LCP & TTFB πŸ€“

Implementing Critical CSS 🦞

Lazyloading assets and third-parties is a must for me 🚫

I know what Google Core Vitals wants from your site 🌚

I do DevOps

I do scripting with Golang 🐻

Use Terraform as Infrastructure as code πŸͺ

CI/CD using Docker πŸ‹ and K8s ☸️ with any Git site

Experience with Cloudflare, GCP, Siteground, Heroku and Netlify 🀷

I write Articles

TOP πŸ”₯ - How to get started with Ruby on Rails

NEW ✨ - How to get started with Go

NEW ✨ - Daily Design Patterns

Beautiful, lightning-fast Wordpress themes with WP Rig

Progressive Web Apps - The why, the how, and the why not