Hey ✨, I'm Antonio Djigo,

Product & Program Management, Product Ownership

Product Manager

Lead cross-functional teams in SEO, UX, Engineering, Marketing, and HR to drive innovative product development, collaborating with fellow PMs.

Product ownership and project management. Utilize SCRUM to transform insights and stakeholder issues into actionable strategies. Backlog prioritization and external agency management.

Conduct comprehensive market research, strategic road-mapping and product lifecycle management. Task prioritization, conflict resolution, and risk mitigation

CMS Products

Managed and led several projects working with other teams (HR/Marketing/SEO/Content/UX)

Developed new and innovative themes from scratch βš—

Applied custom CI/CD, backups with GCP, and many other features

Trained a lot of PHP, CSS and JS skills πŸ’„

Managed SEO with Google Analytics and similiar πŸ“ˆ

Server manteinance and deployment with Siteground πŸš€

Used tools like WordPress, Drupal, Strapi and many others 🌐

CSS, JavaScript

More than 4 years of experience doing JS and CSS πŸ‘Œ

CSS Grid and Flex layout are in my toolset πŸ”§

jQuery, I also know the basics of Vue JS and React βž•

I can create animations! 🀑

Been years using SCSS, can't wait to start using PostCSS πŸ€–

Ruby on Rails

Mantained a 4 years old project πŸ—

Applied design patterns for both new and old functionaliies ♻️

Unit testing and TDD βœ…

Agile and SCRUM methodologies πŸ“

Jenkins and Docker manipulation 🐳

Performance profiling ⚑️

Web Performance

Will know how to reduce your LCP & TTFB πŸ€“

Implementing Critical CSS 🦞

Lazyloading assets and third-parties is a must for me 🚫

I know what Google Core Vitals wants from your site 🌚

Web Infrastructure

I do scripting with Golang 🐻

Use Terraform as Infrastructure as code πŸͺ

CI/CD using Docker πŸ‹ and K8s ☸️ with any Git site

Mantained and created CI files and templates for Gitlab and Github Actions

Experience with Cloudflare, GCP, Siteground, Heroku and Netlify 🀷


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